Maldives vs Lakshadweep: Maldives Govt suspends Minister Mariyam Shiuna, Malsha and Hassan Zihan over derogatory remarks made on PM Modi, India

In a significant development, the Maldives Government has taken swift action by suspending Minister Mariyam Shiuna, Malsha, and Hassan Zihan over derogatory remarks made on social media targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the people of India. The comments, originating from two Deputy Ministers and a member of a political party within the ruling coalition, have been widely condemned as reprehensible and odious.

The incident prompted a call for accountability from a prominent figure who emphasized the importance of maintaining decorum for public figures. The statement urged the government to reprimand the officials involved, emphasizing that individuals in such positions should recognize their responsibility to protect the interests of the people and the nation, transcending their roles as social media activists.

Highlighting the historical ties, the statement underscored India’s role as a time-tested friend and unwavering ally to the Maldives. The plea for maintaining mutual respect, considering shared history, culture, and robust people-to-people relations, emphasized the significance of upholding diplomatic ties and the enduring partnership between the two nations.

Abdulla Shahid, Former Foreign Minister of Maldives, took to X platform to denounce derogatory remarks made by two Deputy Ministers and a political party member towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Indian people. Shahid called on the Maldives Government to reprimand these officials, emphasizing the need for public figures to maintain decorum. He highlighted their shift from being mere social media activists to guardians of national interests. With a photo alongside PM Modi, Shahid reaffirmed India as a time-tested friend and unwavering ally, acknowledging historical support during crises and underscoring the close ties forged through mutual respect, history, culture, and strong people-to-people relations.

Safaath Ahmed, a financial analyst and adviser from Maldives, expressed concern on X platform, emphasizing the 60-year friendship with India. She condemned recent rhetoric from some government officials as regrettable, noting it contradicts the professional tone needed in foreign diplomacy. Ahmed highlighted the economic impact on the crucial tourism industry, warning against jeopardizing diplomatic relations for political motives, stating it is not patriotic and will ultimately burden the Maldivian people in the international arena.

Hardik Pandya expresses sadness over negative remarks about India, promoting the beauty of Lakshadweep’s marine life and beaches, declaring it a must-visit for his next holiday.

Kartik Aaryan praises the beauty of #Lakshadweep on X platform, expressing excitement to explore the stunning Indian island, highlighting its incredible locales. #ExploreIndianIslands.

Himanta Biswa Sarma shared on X platform about Assam’s incredible islands, highlighting Majuli as the world’s largest riverine island, crucial to civilization, and Umananda as the smallest river island, home to Lord Shiva. #AwesomeAssam 🏝️

Salman Khan praises PM Narendra Modi enjoying the pristine beaches of Lakshadweep, celebrating India’s beauty.

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