Is daily Sex Good For Health?

Hello friend, if you are wondering whether sex is good for your health or not. You are in the right place. Here you will get all necessary information about the sex drive.

Some experts say that sex is good for health while some other experts say that sex is only for reproduction of children. So what is the right decision? Let me explain to you about sex.

Sex is not all about just penetrating male orgon into female orgon. Sex is more than that. If you really want to enjoy your sex life you must understand that sex is the best way to express your love and care to your partner but sometimes your partner is not in the mood of sex. So at that time you should be easy and careful with your partner. First do some care of him, show some love for him by giving some kisses and hugs or cooking some favorite food for him. It will help you to make his or her mood for sex.

Is daily sex good for health?

So now come to the point. If you really want to do daily sex, there is no problem at all but always remember sex takes lots of energy from your body. So you will need to take the best nutrition to make sure your body is ready for daily sex. If you will not take proper nutrition then you will face weakness in your body while doing daily sex.

The human body is different from other animals of this planet. Humans can be ready in a minute for sex but animals have a specific season for it. So here is a point that the power of the human body compared to an animal’s body is very less. So it is always advised that you should be very careful about your nutrition and foods while doing daily sex.

What is the right time to do daily Sex?

Let’s start with simple talk first sometimes people think that they can have sex anytime. But experts say it is not good for health. To enjoy sex with all safety you should do sex at the right time. Always make sure there is at least one hour gap between your eating and sex. Otherwise your sex will badly affect your digestion system. If your digestive system will not work properly then it will affect your sex stamina. So to decide the right time for daily always consider a relaxed and cool environment. It will increase the involvement of your partner. It is advised to bathe before having sex.

You should always try to have sex after 8 pm and before sunrise. It will give you recovery time for the entire day’s work. If you do sex in day time you can feel confusion and detachment for the work. So it is advised you should have a proper sleep after the sex.

To enjoy your sex life it is advised that always maintain good BMI score.

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