Heavy rainfall in Chennai – Chennaites expressed their problems on X.

As the calendar turns to November 30, 2023, Chennai finds itself drenched in the relentless embrace of heavy rainfall. The city, known for its coastal charm and vibrant culture, is experiencing a weather phenomenon that has its residents reaching for umbrellas and raincoats. The streets, once bustling with the usual urban rhythm, are now adorned with glistening raindrops, creating a serene yet lively atmosphere. From the rhythmic pitter-patter on rooftops to the occasional thunderclaps echoing through the air, the heavy rainfall is transforming the landscape into a watery canvas.

As heavy rainfall inundates Chennai in last November 2023, Chennaites turn to X (formerly known as Twitter) to express their concerns and experiences. The platform becomes a virtual town square, echoing with the collective sentiments of residents facing challenges such as waterlogging, traffic disruptions, and potential infrastructure issues. From sharing real-time updates on affected areas to rallying support for those in need, X transforms into a hub of information and community solidarity. As Chennaites navigate the complexities of heavy rainfall, X serves as both a sounding board for frustrations and a digital lifeline connecting a city weathering the storm together.

Chennai Super kings’s X handle posted about Chennai Rain. –

Anbuden Request! Please stay safe as we weather out this storm! ⛈️


Chennai Super Kings Posted about Chennai rain on X.

Saikrishna posted on X about difficulties on road due to rainfall in chennai he has written –

Is this is the way to manage NH road? This picture is taken at Olympia Tech park at 8.10 pm today. Are you guys sleeping @arivalayam @chennaicorp without cleaning drainage systems and manholes during off season ? Cheap Government #ChennaiRains #ChennaiCorporation #Chennai

A X user from chennai also posted About rainfall and mismanagement of draining system.

A person from chennai posted a video and tells about Heavy rainfall in Chennai.

Weather forecast showing rain in next couple of days. So people of chennai will have to wait for clear weather this weekend.

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