Asian Games 2023: Who will host 2023 Asian Games?


The Asian Games 2023 is one of the most prestigious multi-sport events in the world, showcasing the sporting talents of Asian countries. The 19th edition of the Asian Games is scheduled to be held in 2023, and China has the honour of hosting this grand sporting event. The vibrant city of Hangzhou will be the venue for the Asian Games 2023. In this article, we will delve into the key details about the Asian Games 2023, including the host country, the venue, and the sports featured in this mega event.

Asian Games 2023
Asian Games 2023

Asian Games 2023: The Host Country

The privilege of hosting the 19th edition of the Asian Games goes to China. Known for its rich sporting heritage and passion for excellence, China has previously hosted the Asian Games in Beijing (1990) and Guangzhou (2010). With its vast infrastructure and organizational expertise, China is all set to deliver a spectacular sporting extravaganza for athletes and fans alike.

The Venue of Asian Games 2023 : Hangzhou City

Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang province in eastern China, has been chosen as the host city for the Asian Games 2023. Renowned for its picturesque landscapes, cultural heritage, and technological advancements, Hangzhou provides an ideal setting for this international sporting event. The city’s modern sports facilities and warm hospitality are sure to make the Asian Games 2023 a memorable experience for participants and spectators.

Dates of the Event

The Asian Games 2023 will span from 23rd September to 8th October 2023. During this exciting 16-day period, athletes from across Asia will compete in various sports, aiming to achieve glory for their respective nations.

The Asian Games 2023 will showcase a diverse range of sports, bringing together athletes from different disciplines. As of now, the official list of sports has not been released. However, the previous editions of the Asian Games have featured over 40 sports, and it is expected that the 19th edition will have a similar number of sports.


  1. Who will host the 2023 Asian Games?
    China will have the honour of hosting the 2023 Asian Games.
  2. Where will the 19th edition of Asian Games 2023 be held?
    The 19th edition of the Asian Games will be held in Hangzhou City, China.
  3. How many sports are included in the Asian Games 2023?
    While the official list of sports for Asian Games 2023 is yet to be announced, it is expected to feature over 40 sports, similar to previous editions.
  4. Will there be any cultural events during the Asian Games 2023?
    Yes, the Asian Games often include cultural events and ceremonies that showcase the heritage and traditions of the host country.
  5. Can athletes from all Asian countries participate in the Asian Games 2023?
    Yes, the Asian Games are open to athletes from all member countries of the Olympic Council of Asia, which includes countries from Asia and Oceania.


The Asian Games 2023 in Hangzhou, China, promises to be an exhilarating celebration of sportsmanship and camaraderie among Asian nations. As the host city, Hangzhou is gearing up to provide a world-class experience to athletes and visitors alike. With a wide range of sports and events, the Asian Games 2023 will undoubtedly captivate the attention of millions, leaving a lasting impact on the world of sports.

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